5 hacks to curb sugar cravings

I know for a fact that i have the hardest time going on a diet, because of my overly active sweet tooth…But somehow i still managed to keep my life mostly sugar free… and i think that has a lot to do with the little tricks that i will  be sharing with you today …

You need to cut down sugar for 3 to 7 days so you can condition your body to crave it less, then it becomes way easy…

So without further ado, here is the list of hacks to curb your sugar craving:

1- Eat more fat: 

You might think this is a counter efficient way to lose weight, but it is not! if you are on a diet and you feel like you have to have that sweet taste or you will lose it soon, have some nuts or some peanut butter cookies .This will keep you full for a long time and curb up that sweet tooth.

Free recipe for peanut butter cookies : Mix one egg and some peanut butter with stevia or a sweetener and bake for 15 min.


2- Have a smoothie

Just throw some strawberry ( low carb fruit) with some iced water and a bunch of spinach( for added nutrition) and add stevia to taste in a blender.


3- Super yogurt bowl

Basically , a bowl of some fat free plain yogurt with 1 scoop of vanilla or strawberry flavoured whey protein ( i use aptonia in vanilla) , it should taste very sweet because of the protein .But if you are the rebel that i am , add in half a banana or an apple and some chia seeds( you guessed it!! for added nutrition).

I love this one so much that i made it my official post workout snack !


4-Sugar free candy

Sometimes , all you need is that sweet taste in your mouth, especially if you are used to having desert after your meals. First, you have to identify that you are not hungry and that you are just craving sweets…then all what’s left is to pop a small piece of sugar free candy or even gum in your mouth and voilà…


5- Diet soda

I know this one is not the most healthiest hack, but it did the trick for me when i was on the keto diet. Wich is very very low carb…just when you need it 😉 . Besides new studies showed that diet drinks are in fact harmless, and don’t interfere with your hormones.


Keep it healthy everyone ! I hope this was helpful…

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