My healthy picks in junk food restaurants

So … you are already set up in your healthy lifestyle journey or just trying to do some damage control when you are out eating in a fast food chain, and lets say, quinoa, lean proteins and vegetables are not on the menu… if you are a health fanatic, you will certainly feel guilty… so here are some of my go to picks  when i’m eating in fast food restaurants


A classic : Since I am vegetarian, i don’t have much choice anyways… so my go to’s are usually the potatoes and 2 mustard packets

If I’m feeling extra hungry, i would get the egg muffin, no cheese from the brunch menu (Yep! they will costumize it for you)

If you are not vegetarian, then try the honey mustard wrap, the 2 euros one not the big one( let’s just say the calories on the big wrap is worst than havinga big mac).

These 3 meals are approximatly 350 Kcal each. pretty neat for a fast food slip…

PS: Please no Matter what ! Stay away from the salad, it is highly highly calorific …we are talking 700 to 800 kcal per salad…it’s just not as healthy as you think!


Sorry to burst your bubble, but quick is the worst , the sandwiches are too big and the salads are as calorific as McDonald’s . I would probably go for a diet coke and potatoes  ( around 400Kcal )

Burger king’s

My least favorite, not worth the calories. Just go for something that is small in portion


My favorite, i never take the sandwich anymore, i like their the vegetarian steak salad with lettuce, cucumber, bell pepper, olives, pickles and jalapeño with a hint of sweet onion sauce…yumm…. i get a piece of bread on the side though, when i’m vanished 😀


My other favorite, I love their vegetarian salad, but be careful even though it’s a salad it doesn’t mean its not heavy if you add the cheese and guacamole .

My trick is to ask for everything on the side …I don’t like cheese so it makes my life so much easier to avoid extra calories..

I usually have the salad with lettuce, brown rice, black beans, vegetables and spicy sauce , no cheese with guacamole and a tortilla on the side …

honestly is so filling …

I tried the Kerastase Initialiste and here is what happened

My hair comes from a long history of abuse and split ends, it wasn’t always this bad but back in 2014 i hoped on the ombre wagon and never looked back  as i went blonder each month.

it was until my hair started thinning out and got super damaged that I…..WRONG ! I made it worst … i went and got a Brazilian blowout with keratin treatment …long story short my hair was basically shit .

This year after the Brazilian blowout faded a little bit i noticed my hair sheds even more , thinning out more and my hair line receding.

So the first thing i did was use a mix of some oils with some essential oils to help revitalise my hair and scalp a little.

But that was time consuming and messy since i had to have them in my hair over night every night if i wanted results faster…

Now,I still do these DIY treatments but not so often anymore #workingGirlProblems .

i thought and thought and then i remembered out of all the over the counter treatments i tried ,  the only one that really popped in my mind was kerastase initialiste advanced scalp and hair concentrate….its hard to explain why but i’ll try…

What not to expect:

  • Dont expect flawless thick hair after a couple of uses , it takes time .Like for me it was a month before i noticed my receding hair line filling up and my over all hair quality getting better
  • The product is formulated to make your hair healthier , that means no silky smooth or over the top fullness

What to expect:

  • It will enhance your natural hair texture over time, for me, having wavy burned thinning hair ,after 3 months of use , my hair texture is looking great honestly.
  • My hair is healthy, fuller, falling out less and i can wear it even with out a blow out and it looks decent. Note that i  only used it like 2 or 3 times a week tops.
  • Growth wise, it was okay…., for me the number one product to grow your hair is René Furturer RF80.
  • You still have to use your conditionner and hair treatment if you want silky smooth hair


  • Definitely enhances your hair texture over time
  • Fills out baby hairs and receding hair line
  • Unique in the market


  • Small bottle
  • Pricey

Purchased from Amazon France (about 34 euros).

If you live in France ,you can find better deals on Kerastase products online on websites like (leave a comment if you are interested in a sponsorship deal, i can get you 5 euros more off)

you also get 10% off with the code : PANIER10