I tried Micro-pigmentation and here is what happened

Hello everyone

Today’s topic is something i wanted to try for a while now, and when i say a while… for a light browed girl like me…it means forever…

i never did though because i was afraidi would look like a freak. What if my eyebrows come out too dark, too thin, too fake, etc… that’s right brow blading.

Now im sure you have been mesmerised once or twice by videos on micro-blading ,or other technics on your Facebook or Instagram daily feed…

So for me it started with …huh! Interesting moment . But after one of the fews french bloggers that i follow posted a picture of her looking flawless WITH NO MAKEUP , only eyebrows and lash extentions done up…… I had to investigate 🙂 Luckily, for me she tagged the person responsible for her look ‘’BrowVision” .

I immediately contacted the page and Clara answered my calling. I booked her right away 3 weeks in advance, because girlfriend was overbooked…

On D-day, Clara came to my place, with an arsenal of heavy equipment, and she spent three and a half hours working on me ( the micro-pigmentation lasted 1h30 and the lash by lash extensions lasted 2 hours)

She’s started by plucking my eyebrows and giving me the perfect eyebrow shape for my face, i have to admit in the beginning it was scary i saw this big thin eyebrows, and if you know me you know that i like it thick (That’s what she said 😀 )

Anywho, later she explained that it should be thin in the beginning, cause once micro-pigmented, it will look  thicker and double the size of my brow, and if we go  any thicker than this the first time, it will be hilarious.

I trusted her and we begin the process, it was painful AF, i barely made it alive… she uses this thin needle filled with ink and make small holes on your eyebrow, the holes are superficial so its not like a tattoo, for the eyebrow only will last a year to a maximum of 3 years with an important fading rate… but that exactly what I wanted , no life time engagement, just enough time to figure out if its my thing or not.

at the end it did look fake but she said with in 3 days, it will fade away and by the 10th day 80% of the pigment will fade and then this will give her a base for our next session ( 4 to 5 weeks later) where we will decide the tickness and the gap filling for the next year to 3 years.

After treatment i had an event, so i took advantage of the heavy brow trend and put some dark lipstick on and looked fine actually…

Over all I loved having Clara , and even being on day 2 , i like my eyebrows and lashes they make me look put together even if i throw on only a lipstick ( even though i look grumpy in the picture).

Day 2 :

After 6 weeks:

Today it’s been like 6 weeks since my appointment with Clara and i still see results , i missed our free session to fill up the left over gaps and the flaky parts, but somehow i still feel like i don’t need it yet.

Over all, i don’t regret it… it absolutely save me time in the morning . I wake up and i am ready to go. Especially after the ink faded out a little bit and i dont look like the crazy evil bitch from Rosalinda… would i do it again… probably, but gonna wait for three years until science comes up with something new … but i’m keeping them brows on fleek until then…

Video :https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZMmS35J9vYk

PS : I am in no way sponsored or payed to say any of this, but here is Clara’s info.

 Clara’s email : browvision.contact@gmail.com

Clara’s instagram : BrowVision

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