Laser is the new waxing

I don’t know a single girl who wasn’t or isn’t interested in today’s topic:

Hair laser removal! It has been around for quite a while now ( since the 90’s really) but still sometimes you just don’t get around to try it and see what the hype is all about…

No worries! I’ve got you Girlfriend!

What is Hair laser removal?

“The primary principle behind laser hair removal is selective photothermolysis (SPTL), the matching of a specific wavelength of light and pulse duration to obtain optimal effect on a targeted tissue with minimal effect on surrounding tissue. Lasers can cause localized damage by selectively heating dark target matter, melanin, in the area that causes hair growth, the follicle, while not heating the rest of the skin.”  – By Wikipédia

Basically, the laser attacks melanin which is what  gives your hair that black color, without damaging the white surface ( that’s why you are not supposed to tan before getting the treatment done).

The whiter you are and the darker your hair , the faster you hair will disappear…otherwise you’re just going to need more sessions and special laser waves if your skin is darker…


Why not IPL (Intense pulsed light)?

Without going too deep into the science, it’s just like laser but the intensity of the light is way less strong and that’s why it’s safe to be used by estheticians and at home.

I did  try it at home, and didn’t like it ! It’s painful, tedious and takes a lot of maintenance time and the results don’t even last for a month.

The machine i tried for a year!!

Why did I decide to do it?

Praise the lord, I’m not a very hairy person … with that being said, I hate seeing hair on my body, and it seems unhygienic to me… but if you are a girl who likes it all natural… More power to you girl ( I secretly wish I was you) . Long story short , it was economical and it made  sense


In France, you have a lot of beauty centers if you are a wax girl, wich I was:

  • Subscription fees: 30
  • Subscription: 8/ month
  • Average visits: Every 3 weeks (Price: Around 34 euros )

 ((8*12) + 30) + (17,3 * 34) = 715 euros / year (EVERY YEAR!!) , give or take…

Hair laser removal:

  • Subscription fees: 0
  • Subscription: 0
  • Average visits: 5 or 6 every 2 to 3 months (Price: 140 euros)

6 * 140 =840 over the course of 2 years ( AND YOU ARE FREE FOREVER…. Well, not forever, in case you get pregnant or have any hormonal unbalance in the future. then you have to go back for one more maintenance session), but still WAAAAY better of a deal than waxing.

ADDED BONUS: Kiss those stubborn mother iffing ingrows goodbye!! No more of that ish…

How did it go?

Well I started with research, and did a lot of it until I found an affordable center. the first session was free… don’t worry it’s completely legit… the one I chose was called EPILIUM, it’s a center held by a dermatologist license, but the people who work there are technicians, but they are fully trained and they know what they are doing…

You can opt for a clinic but the bill is going to be a bit pricy, like double what I paid…

I booked a session on the phone and they gave me an appointment in the same week. The first session was a consultation to see your pain tolerance, what you wish to be done, prices, yati yati yata…

So basically, I started treatment in a couple of weeks after that , in Octobre 2015, I came prepared with an aesthetic cream that the technician recommended. Because on a pain scale of (Pussy to WonderWoman) ,I tested “Pussy to the bone” on my pain tolerance… so be aware of that.

Usually the session go quick ( and painless, if your anesthetic cream works), the expert draws on you with a white pen, so he will mark what areas to cover , and then starts treating the area with the machine .

Meanwhile, you begin to smell a strong smell of burnt biological matter in the air… that’s normal… it’s just your hair follicles getting fried 🙂

It takes me like 15 minutes tops and then i am  ready to go, hit the gym or do whatever i like as long as it doesn’t involve sun exposure…

If your area gets a little warm, just apply some BIAFINE on it and it should be fine the next day…usually they do it right after the treatment

Within the week, you might start shedding some hairs from the treated area. That’s your body letting go of the dead hair follicles that were zapped deep in the skin.


Never go out without sun screen!


Home girl ! You are good to go for at least 2 months with no razor or wax or iffing ingrows …After a year of treatment, i only go every 5 to 6 months…How crazy is that!!

Each time you do it, your hair grows back with 10% to 20% less hair.

 By the time your in for your last session, you will only be able to see fuzzies, but no real hair …


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