How to stop your period

Yes! it is possible to stop period blood for a day or in some cases a couple of hours or completely after your cycle has already started .

We know, it is possible to further push your period or even stop it for up to 6 months with the pill .But after its here, there was no running from it… 

Theses are obviously extreme measures, not to be done regularly but only when you have an occasion, a vacation or in my case a laser treatment appointment  😀

I tested these remedies that I found on the internet on the course of 2 days( actually, one day and a half) . So here is what I thought of each one of them :


The first one, was the lemon trick, it says that it will stop or reduce flow significantly . So here I was on my first day of period ,I had my lemon water , witch  is something that I do very often and to be honest I never seen anything out of the ordinary

Did it work?

Not really, but it was a refreshing start of my morning before work.

Tea and herbs

After I got to work and around 11am, I went for some tea with vervain and tea, keep in mind that the effect should be instant i didn’t really notice any changes in my flow or cramping level.

Did it Work?

Nope. Next…


After lunch, I decided to try the less natural approach and tried to take 400mg of ibuprofen at 2pm and another at 6pm

Did it work?

Actually yes! It worked , it relieved  my pain and reduced my flow significantly for 3 whole hours as it promised . And then I had another one when I noticed my cramp coming back.

That was on day one, one of the heaviest day usually . On day 2 I had my appointment at 2:30 pm, so I was determined

Gelatine powder

This trick is a little weird! you are supposed to mix some gelatine powder with some water and supposedly it will stop or reduce your flow. Now, because I am a vegetarian I chose the Agar-Agar powder ( a vegetarian friendly gelatine) , you can find it in all the stores in France without any problem.

It tasted horrible but it did the trick, just mix it with water and swalalala :p

Did it work?

Actually it did. Even though to be completely honest , I had it with 400mg of ibuprofen. So its possible that the combination of both worked out fine for me. I was period free not only for 3 hours but for that whole cycle .

Keep in mind that the results may vary ,some girls may just experience reduction in the flow , some may experience stopping , some may experience nothing at all… give it a go next time and leave me a comment if you do , i’ll be happy to know what did you think of these tricks…

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