I Tried The Dukan Diet ( The vegetarian version)

A lot of you have heard of the dukan diet and how effective it is when it comes to weight loss.
Before my vacation started I thought …I will give it a go .
The only problem for a vegetarian such as myself lies in finding good pure protein sources. Don’t get me wrong my vegetarian diet has a lot of proteins from eggs, nuts, quinoa and greens, but in order to execute this diet as recommended by its creator Dr. Dukan. I needed pure proteins witch for me it’s gonna be basically ,egg whites,Tofu and fat/sugar free dairy products (not a good idea since im lactose intolerant) .

This relatively old diet is broken down to three phases :

The attack phase : Only pure protein is consumed (egg white, fat and sugar free dairy, tofu ) it lasts from 2 to 7 days depending on the case
The cruise phase : Alternating between one day of pure protein and one day of protein and veggies ( with restrictions), until you reach your desired weight.
The consolidation phase : the maintaining phase, you start having toasts for breakfast, a one to tree cheat meals a week and one mandatory pure protein day a week

To be honest this diet is not realistic for me to keep up , but since I was going on vacation, extreme occasions call for extreme measures. Right?

So I was going for 5 days of the attack phase and thats it, just to have an idea about the hype . It was f***ing brutal…

The real challenge here is that I am going through this as a vegetarian . So here is what happened day by day.

DAY 0 :
Today is the last day of my first vacation . I went rogue on this vacay and didn’t really pay attention to what I ate, I was already feeling down because I gained a couple of pounds this year and didn’t exactly look glorious in my bikini!… but that’s okay I was determined, doing this shit and documenting it for you guys.

DAY1 :
Its a work day, I am not big on breakfasts. so my breakfast consisted on double shots of expresso and thats it.
For lunch : I had to Improvise, there are not much high protein choices for vegetarians . Since I was motivated, I had a rather unconventional lunch : 2 fat and sugar free yogurts and 2 pieces of fat free cheese ( known as fromage frais here in france).
For dinner : I was starving so I had a about 250g of fried egg tofu ( I used a non sticking pan (no oil))
By the end of this meal I was super full.

Day 2 :
I woke up 1kg (2 lbs) lighter … Yes I weigh myself everyday just because 😀
Breakfast : Two shot of expresso
Lunch : I prepared 2 boiled eggs and 2 fat free yogurts
Dinner : 250g of egg fried tofu (. I use one egg and no oil) + 1 frozen fat free yogurt
This day felt a little bit difficult, I was foggy and couldn’t concentrate on work but I soldiered on.

Day 3:
I woke up another 1kg (2lbs) lighter again . I was blown away how fast it works . Even though I knew it was water weight.
Breakfast : Two shot of expresso
Lunch : I found a lentils salad with an egg in Monoprix ( thank god). After a lot of research I found out that for vegetarian we are aloud 2 spoons of lentils in this diet a day
Dinner : 250g of egg fried tofu + 1 frozen fat free yogurt
It was brutal, my energy was low and I felt dizzy twice.
Day 4:
Another 500g (1lbs) is lost
Breakfast : Two shot of expresso
Lunch : I had a work lunch in a sushi place, I had to improvise, so I had 2 miso soups and 2 mushrooms barbecues … its not perfect and I definitely looked weird but I tried
Dinner : I had 2 sheitan steaks ( very high in protein) + 1 frozen fat free yogurt
Today was the worst probably because I had so little at lunch, I was so dizzy that I had to go out and get myself some dukan biscuits for a little energy, otherwise I fear the worse

Day 5:
Another 500g ( 1lbs) is lost
Breakfast : Two shot of expresso
Lunch : I had the lentils salad
Dinner : I had to catch the plane for Morocco, so I was supposed to finish the diet then but I found an egg and spinach meal at Starbucks in the airport. So I actually didn’t .

One day after the diet :
I didn’t have any scale to weigh myself, but looking at how much I’ve been loosing everyday I would say I lost another half a kilo ( one pound)
In total I lost 3Kg (6 lbs) in 5 days … a little over 500g a day ( and without exercise) …that was amazing but surprise surprise !! as soon as you stop doing this unrealistic diet. You will gain it all back or some of it atleast … I did gain some of it back ..but that was expected …it was a temporary solution for a special occasion… and it works…would I recommend it ….nah probably not if you are a vegetarian , non lunch preper like myself

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