The number one travel skin hack

if you ever been on a plane, you know that the air onboard will dry every last  drop of water out of your skin,hair and overall body

Why Are Cabins So Dry?

Well, in order to dilute the carbon dioxide from passengers and crew inside of the airplane .Filtered air is being pumped in the cabin regularly. But being at a flying altitude, it makes it very difficult for anything to hold moisture.The humidity level is barely 10% or 15% .

I found a way to go around the unbearable dryness of flying, especially if you have an event or a significant someone waiting for you at the gates. You want to look as fresh as possible.

Disclaimar : this may involve you having to look like jason voorhees the serial killer for a while but it is SOOOOOO WORTH IT ..!

I have no shame in my game 😉 …

What do i do for my face?

FREAKING FACE MASKS should be your bestie… i buy my Tony molly’s mask from Amazon in bulk, so i won’t run out( also way cheaper) ..but if i do run out its totally fine!! there is always a pharmacy or a duty free that sells face masks


Pro tip:  get some makeup wipes while you are at it to wipe all the polluants and dirts off your face …you dirty girl 😂!!


I usallly wait untill 1 hour or 45 minutes before landing, and then i would wipe off my makeup and put my facemask for as long as i can (untill landing ideally), and then re-apply my moisturiser and my makeup if ineeded to .

Your skin will be sooo hydrated and fresh looking and ready for your trip.

What do i do for my hair?
For my hair, i bring a travel size leave-in conditionner for moistrizing or repairing , i like the kerastase Nectar thermique or ciment thermique …and really slather it generously all over my hair, sleek back your hair in a nice low bun or a braid and kick you legs up and relax.. Do this as soon as you get on the plane for maximum hydration.

More tips :

Hard pass on the coffee, it is only going to dehydrate you
Drink plenty of water,tea..heck even diet coke ( i know i do)
Bring an audio book and enjoy yourself…

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