One of my resolutions in 2018 , was to get healthy ,shape up and lose a couple of pounds …

I decided to try out Safia Berrada’s program .  Safia is a boss girl from Miami.

I have been following her on social media and admiring her grind for a while and i’ve seen enough transformations to want to try her online program.

The program consists of a pdf meal plan , and 6 cardio focused workouts a week , alternating between 45min of jogging or cycling and Safia’s bomb ass workouts.

You receive 3 of her specific workouts each week, an upper body video , a lower body video and an then of course the abs .

You also get to join the community and a what’s up group of 10 girls doing the program with you. This  has been a big motivational tool in my 3 months of following her program . Also Safia was available whenever you needed her really (give or take the time difference of course, Miami – Paris ).

The beginning :

The program starts with you taking a before picture . she doesn’t like you weighing yourself because it doesn’t reflect you true progress ( i totally agree with that school of thought)

You can loose 4 kg in fat mass and gain 4 kg in muscle and that won’t show up on scale , but it would change your shape dramatically.

i did them all , pictures, scale and measuring tape.

The meal plan :

you get a grocery guide and a recipe book too( a pretty good deal, if you ask me! )

you have to consume small 5 to 6 meals a day ,with a relatively restricted carbs .

i wasn’t spot on with a diet because of my lifestyle . i work a 9 to 5 job , and don’t like to eat breakfast (I am well aware that these are excuses 🙂 ).

An example of my day on the meal plan would be .


2 rice cakes with peanut butter and half a banana

snack 1

12 almonds


a salad or some kind of carbless thai or Japanese food

snack 2:

12 to 24 almonds

dinner :

a sweet potato and a grilled tofu

not gonna lie , it was difficult, i got hungry and  strayed quite a lot from the diet and i think that’s why my results weren’t as great as they could have been.

The workouts :

Now if you don’t like cardio, this is not for you ! but also you are not gonna lose the weight as fast as you would want.

I love being active. So i went to the gym religiously 6 time a week for 3 month. it was quite refreshing actually to have someone give some structure to my fitness regime.

Monday: 20 minutes run + Safia’s Lower body video

Tuesday : minimum 45 min of running or elliptical machine

Wednesday : 20 minutes run + Safia’s upper body video

Thursday: minimum 45 min of running or elliptical machine

Friday : 20 minutes run + Safia’s abs video ( those are killers!!)

Saturday: minimum 45 min of running or elliptical machine

Before I share my results , here are from my point of view some pros and cons of this program


  • Affordable if on a deal, I got the 3 months deal for 200 euros because there was a 50% off
  • If you have problems motivating yourself, the what’s up and Facebook group , really boost you up
  • The workouts gets gradually challenging depending on your progress in the program
  • If you follow it , you will get results!!


  • If you are not really serious about this. Then its not for you . It requires some serious stamina and motivation to follow through
  • Eating outside was a challenge, you need to prep girlfriend!
  • Very cardio heavy, little resistance to my taste  (body weight to 1kg dumbbells). if you hate cardio, you will not like the program

My results :

Keep in mind that I did not follow the diet entirely . Weight wise I lost 0 kg . Amazing huh , all this effort for nothing !!  That’s what I would have thought if I have done this based on the scale alone. But as they say a picture is worth a thousand word


Also here is my measurements before and after :

Starting measurement

  • Fat : 24.4%
  • MM: 37%
  • WEIGHT : 54Kg
  • waist : 80cm / 31in

Last day measurements

  • Fat : 22% (-2,4%)
  • MM: 38% (+1%)
  • WEIGHT : 54Kg (0 kg)
  • waist : 69cm / 27 cm (-11 cm)

considering i did not diet at all, those results are amazing!

Bottom line, this program works! but as all weight loss programs . they only work if you are determined and you want it enough . Personally, I love it because it gave structure to my workouts and kept me accountable during the winter season

How to get the program :

contact safia through her website Or her instagram : @Safiaberrada

The number one travel skin hack

if you ever been on a plane, you know that the air onboard will dry every last  drop of water out of your skin,hair and overall body

Why Are Cabins So Dry?

Well, in order to dilute the carbon dioxide from passengers and crew inside of the airplane .Filtered air is being pumped in the cabin regularly. But being at a flying altitude, it makes it very difficult for anything to hold moisture.The humidity level is barely 10% or 15% .

I found a way to go around the unbearable dryness of flying, especially if you have an event or a significant someone waiting for you at the gates. You want to look as fresh as possible.

Disclaimar : this may involve you having to look like jason voorhees the serial killer for a while but it is SOOOOOO WORTH IT ..!

I have no shame in my game 😉 …

What do i do for my face?

FREAKING FACE MASKS should be your bestie… i buy my Tony molly’s mask from Amazon in bulk, so i won’t run out( also way cheaper) ..but if i do run out its totally fine!! there is always a pharmacy or a duty free that sells face masks


Pro tip:  get some makeup wipes while you are at it to wipe all the polluants and dirts off your face …you dirty girl 😂!!


I usallly wait untill 1 hour or 45 minutes before landing, and then i would wipe off my makeup and put my facemask for as long as i can (untill landing ideally), and then re-apply my moisturiser and my makeup if ineeded to .

Your skin will be sooo hydrated and fresh looking and ready for your trip.

What do i do for my hair?
For my hair, i bring a travel size leave-in conditionner for moistrizing or repairing , i like the kerastase Nectar thermique or ciment thermique …and really slather it generously all over my hair, sleek back your hair in a nice low bun or a braid and kick you legs up and relax.. Do this as soon as you get on the plane for maximum hydration.

More tips :

Hard pass on the coffee, it is only going to dehydrate you
Drink plenty of water,tea..heck even diet coke ( i know i do)
Bring an audio book and enjoy yourself…

I did the Color run in Paris and here is what happened

The color run by Sephora, a.k.a the happiest 5k on the planet, celebrates happiness and healthiness and all that is colorful in life. So of course i wanted to do it at least once in my life time .

Like our friends the Romans would say, I set mind to purpose and subscribed for the color run in Paris on Sunday April 16th, 2017… I thought it was a good opportunity for me to work on my cardio, given the fact I had to quit running 2 years ago, after my injury on a 24km assault race “Fisherman’s friend strongman run”, which was hosted every year in mantes-la-jolie located in Paris’ suburbs .

However, if you feel that you are in no way athletic or trained, don’t get discouraged. In that case the color run is perfect for you…All you need is your good mood and a smile.

Here is how it went:

D- 15 : We bought our tickets online , we chose the team option because we were more that 4 people. Price tag for the team is 37 euros , individually it’s 45 euros .

D-1: In order to do the race , we had to go beforehand and get our bibs . All you need is your e-ticket and some sort of ID, and you can go get it up to 3 days before the race. We had ours the day before the race . Along with your bib, you get also a goodie bag filled with a Color run t-shirt,a headband, sport cuffs, a rubber bracelet, 2 complementary lavender foot masks from Sephora and some candy.

D-day: We were scheduled in the morning at 9h30, but to be honest i don’t believe they pay much attention if you go on your designated group or later in the day…so if you are late, don’t sweat it!

Nonetheless we did start the run, or should i say the stroll, on the appointed time…

The run starts next to the Seine at hotel de ville and finishes at the Eiffel tour ( Perfect for tourists).The run is 5k and at the end of each kilometer, some volunteers throw a different color on you ( sometimes right in the face , like it happened to me TWICE) . I’m not sure what the powder is made from , but I did get an allergy from it afterwards. Itchy face, teary eyes, skin pealing for 3 days, the whole nine. But all my friends were totally okay…so if your skin is not super sensitive, it’s okay… I even saw some 5 year olds participating in the run.

At the arrival, there was a party waiting for us. Known dj’s from the french radios, stands of frapuccinos from Starbucks, water, photo boots, ball pool and more colored powder…I included some footages so you can relate more to what I’m talking about…