7 steps to beat the peel

My skin is very sensitive and usually prone to redness and dryness during the seasonal changes (summer to fall…fall to winter or even spring to summer.. )

if your skin fits the bill, then you probably going to need to step up your skin care regimen

The trick for me is gentle exfoliation and hydration masks.. I said masks and not creams…no matter how tick and hydrating, creams are just too weak for me …

1 – GENTLE mechanical  exfoliants :

I said gentle! Your skin is already irritated and peeling, so be gentle…I tend to oscillates between mechanical exfoliants like Foreo or Clarasonic with some gentle mousse and chemical ones

 I use the Foreo Luna 2 with the Nutriganics foaming face wash from the body shop . This face wash is so gentle that it doesn’t irritate my skin, but it’s not strong enough to exfoliate the skin , using it along the Foreo is the perfect combo, but be aware of not to use the foreo as instructed for the full 1 minute.. I find it very aggressive… I only use it for 20 to 30 seconds for my whole face… otherwise it will irritate your skin and make you breakout.


2-GENTLE Chemical exfoliants :

The best chemical exfoliant I used up until now has to be the CURE natural aqua gel… it’s a water like texture,  leave it on your skin for a minutes before you start gently rubbing off the dead cells from your face until there is no more…it’s a magical and a very satisfying routine…

3 – Facial lotion or essence

This is an Asian trend that I got into last year, and I find it to be a very pleasant experience after washing my face that replaces the regular European toner step.

These are usually nonalcoholic toner like products; they are rich in hyaluronic acid or other components that you can find in high end brand’s serums. I recommend the Rohto Hada Labo Gokujun Hyaluronic Lotion.

Fun fact : you can actually wet some thin cotton pads with the Hada Labo lotion and use it as a facemask

4- Face masks

You can definitely, make some hydrating DIY face masks. But, honestly I just order mine from Amazon by the bulk. It’s easier and cheaper J

I use the tony molly sheet masks, my favorites are the Aloe Vera, Tea tree and the rice one. With that being said, I do like them all and I take them with me wherever I go, even on airplanes.

For best results, I recommend sleeping in these sheet masks, they are very gentle that they won’t irritate your skin…I recommend you do this everyday when you skin needs it .. but take caution to overwhelm your skin with nutrients otherwise it can have a counterproductive effect …After your skin is feeling better , take it down a notch to 2 or 3 times a week for prevention purposes.

5- Serums

For days when you are not using a sheet mask, I recommend using serums after your facial lotion and before your night cream.

I recommend these two serums from the ordinary and Estée Lauder …









6 – Night Cream or oil

A heavy night cream is a must for winter…the lotion is great for locking instant hydration from the washing ,the serums are full packed with nutriants and the cream will lock in everything and let your skin absorb and repair itself during the night… so don’t skip this important step.. I alternate between  the good night cream from Elizabeth Arden and Rétinol 1 TR by Medik8





7 –  Biafine topical emulsion

is a water-based emulsion formulated for the dressing and management of superficial wounds, minor abrasions, dermal ulcers, donor sites, 1st and 2nd degree burns, including sunburns, and radiation dermatitis.

Yep! The secret weapon, I once had my face completely fried by the climate changes.. it was red, scally, super dry to the point I couldn’t smile comfortably.. the only thing that helped was Biafine..applied religiously day and night for 2 days.. and my skin was as good as new

Disclaimer: I am not a professional or an expert, I am just sharing my experience from what it works for me with you all

Side notes:

  • Try investing in a humidifier for it is the only thing that can counter the drying effect of the heater in the winter
  • Try sipping on regular, flavored water or tea at all times of the day
  • Don’t forget about your eyes, you can use most face masks, serums on the eye area, but you need to invest in a good eye cream for optimal results
  • Use a good UVA sunscreen in winter; the aging rays are always there even when you can’t see them
  • If you can, invest in a satin pillow case, for it is much gentler on the hair and the skin than cotton ones

Also, if all fails, please seek a professional’s help.

I tried Micro-pigmentation and here is what happened

Hello everyone

Today’s topic is something i wanted to try for a while now, and when i say a while… for a light browed girl like me…it means forever…

i never did though because i was afraidi would look like a freak. What if my eyebrows come out too dark, too thin, too fake, etc… that’s right brow blading.

Now im sure you have been mesmerised once or twice by videos on micro-blading ,or other technics on your Facebook or Instagram daily feed…

So for me it started with …huh! Interesting moment . But after one of the fews french bloggers that i follow posted a picture of her looking flawless WITH NO MAKEUP , only eyebrows and lash extentions done up…… I had to investigate 🙂 Luckily, for me she tagged the person responsible for her look ‘’BrowVision” .

I immediately contacted the page and Clara answered my calling. I booked her right away 3 weeks in advance, because girlfriend was overbooked…

On D-day, Clara came to my place, with an arsenal of heavy equipment, and she spent three and a half hours working on me ( the micro-pigmentation lasted 1h30 and the lash by lash extensions lasted 2 hours)

She’s started by plucking my eyebrows and giving me the perfect eyebrow shape for my face, i have to admit in the beginning it was scary i saw this big thin eyebrows, and if you know me you know that i like it thick (That’s what she said 😀 )

Anywho, later she explained that it should be thin in the beginning, cause once micro-pigmented, it will look  thicker and double the size of my brow, and if we go  any thicker than this the first time, it will be hilarious.

I trusted her and we begin the process, it was painful AF, i barely made it alive… she uses this thin needle filled with ink and make small holes on your eyebrow, the holes are superficial so its not like a tattoo, for the eyebrow only will last a year to a maximum of 3 years with an important fading rate… but that exactly what I wanted , no life time engagement, just enough time to figure out if its my thing or not.

at the end it did look fake but she said with in 3 days, it will fade away and by the 10th day 80% of the pigment will fade and then this will give her a base for our next session ( 4 to 5 weeks later) where we will decide the tickness and the gap filling for the next year to 3 years.

After treatment i had an event, so i took advantage of the heavy brow trend and put some dark lipstick on and looked fine actually…

Over all I loved having Clara , and even being on day 2 , i like my eyebrows and lashes they make me look put together even if i throw on only a lipstick ( even though i look grumpy in the picture).

Day 2 :

After 6 weeks:

Today it’s been like 6 weeks since my appointment with Clara and i still see results , i missed our free session to fill up the left over gaps and the flaky parts, but somehow i still feel like i don’t need it yet.

Over all, i don’t regret it… it absolutely save me time in the morning . I wake up and i am ready to go. Especially after the ink faded out a little bit and i dont look like the crazy evil bitch from Rosalinda… would i do it again… probably, but gonna wait for three years until science comes up with something new … but i’m keeping them brows on fleek until then…

Video :https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZMmS35J9vYk

PS : I am in no way sponsored or payed to say any of this, but here is Clara’s info.

 Clara’s email : browvision.contact@gmail.com

Clara’s instagram : BrowVision

I tried the Kerastase Initialiste and here is what happened

My hair comes from a long history of abuse and split ends, it wasn’t always this bad but back in 2014 i hoped on the ombre wagon and never looked back  as i went blonder each month.

it was until my hair started thinning out and got super damaged that I…..WRONG ! I made it worst … i went and got a Brazilian blowout with keratin treatment …long story short my hair was basically shit .

This year after the Brazilian blowout faded a little bit i noticed my hair sheds even more , thinning out more and my hair line receding.

So the first thing i did was use a mix of some oils with some essential oils to help revitalise my hair and scalp a little.

But that was time consuming and messy since i had to have them in my hair over night every night if i wanted results faster…

Now,I still do these DIY treatments but not so often anymore #workingGirlProblems .

i thought and thought and then i remembered out of all the over the counter treatments i tried ,  the only one that really popped in my mind was kerastase initialiste advanced scalp and hair concentrate….its hard to explain why but i’ll try…

What not to expect:

  • Dont expect flawless thick hair after a couple of uses , it takes time .Like for me it was a month before i noticed my receding hair line filling up and my over all hair quality getting better
  • The product is formulated to make your hair healthier , that means no silky smooth or over the top fullness

What to expect:

  • It will enhance your natural hair texture over time, for me, having wavy burned thinning hair ,after 3 months of use , my hair texture is looking great honestly.
  • My hair is healthy, fuller, falling out less and i can wear it even with out a blow out and it looks decent. Note that i  only used it like 2 or 3 times a week tops.
  • Growth wise, it was okay…., for me the number one product to grow your hair is René Furturer RF80.
  • You still have to use your conditionner and hair treatment if you want silky smooth hair


  • Definitely enhances your hair texture over time
  • Fills out baby hairs and receding hair line
  • Unique in the market


  • Small bottle
  • Pricey

Purchased from Amazon France (about 34 euros).

If you live in France ,you can find better deals on Kerastase products online on websites like www.kalista-capillaires.com (leave a comment if you are interested in a sponsorship deal, i can get you 5 euros more off)

you also get 10% off with the code : PANIER10