I tested the keratin hair treatment

Keratin hair treatments , or smoothing treatments. Called smoothing because really, they are supposed to smooth out frizziness and give you nice silky shiny locks. But most people when they get a Brazilian blowout or a keratin treatment , they end up getting a straightening perm fused with some keratin…

I knew this before i’ve been there , done that and i’m about to tell you what happened…

The reasons why i wanted a keratin treatment were primarily :

  • Convenience. I wanted to wake up take a shower and get out of the door without having to glimpse at a blowdryer.
  • Manageability .I suffered immensely from the constant bleaching and dying over the years. Going from brunette to ombre hair, then blonde, going blonder, then back to brunette… My hair was really damaged and porous and it was difficult to manage at the end.

My hair type :

Now my hair is thin and wavy , and it’s relatively soft mostly…most of my entourage thought a keratin treatment was  a little too much.

what happened :

When i got the idea, i was in Morocco. So of course being the aries that i am , i wanted it to be done today before tomorrow…The hairdresser was a friend of the family and I have seen her work before on friends and family members. i bit the bullet and went for it , the process took 4 hours.

First she washes the hair with a cleansing shampoo to take all of the dirt and the residue of hair products.

And then she proceeds to applying the hair product. She used Brazilian afrokeratin from INOAR , yep ..i know! Its a little too strong for my thin hair but it went just fine.

 and lastely, she flat ironed the crap out of my hair until it was dry and pin straight. It looked ridiculous

at the end she asked me not to touch it with water or tie it  for 3 to 4 days , the longer i did it  the better, and to proof straighten it for the next 3 days… but she was nice enough to do it for me .. so i went back to see her for the next 3 days where she would re straighten my hair with the flat iron over and over… 

On day 4, i was suuuuper happy to wash my hair … i washed it and let it air dry and guess what it worked my hair stayed pin straight …. it was a little too lumpy and lacked some serious volume , but i was okay with it because what lacked in volume made up for it in shine and silkiness

Then things got ugly for a while, my scalp had an allergic reaction to the product, and started peeling !  So i called the hairdresser and she explained that she had this happen to most people with this particular product and there was nothing to worry about , it will go away after 2 or 3 days … and she was right, in the span of 2  days my scalp was fine and all the peeling has stopped

Results :

Perfect low maintenance hair…

After 6 months :

I had no problems what so ever , but after 6 months i noticed  my hair started thinning out a little , it wasn’t that bad and probably not even related to the treatment …but i just hated it, also my roots started to grow out wich . For me its not so bad because my hair is wavy so it gave me a little volume with out it being too obvious …

After a year :

After a year ,my hair was wavy and thick from the top of my hair and thin and pin straight from the ends and also started looking damaged with time …  it was expected in my case … because during this period i have never done a hair treatments or took care of my hair.

At the end of it all, i only had one choice wich is to get rid of the ends with the keratin on them, hence my brand new bob 

It was nice while it lasted, but all good things come to an end…